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Our legal team has worked on thousands of cases with great success.  Our goal is to always give our clients peace of mind so they can worry about what’s more important; life, family, and business.   Our reputation has a record-high success rate – we always offer a free consultation; we want to get to know our clients first to really offer honest legal counsel.

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To give our clients' peace of mind and offer successful solutions for your legal matters.

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Our success is based on providing high-quality service, we look to give our clients an exceptional experience.

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Trust. Reliability. Excellence is what our Law Firm stands for.

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We use expertise and innovation within the law to deliver solutions to our clients.

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Global expertise, talent, and results with legal counsel in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Founder, Managing Attorney

Sandra Gomez

Member of the Texas Bar Association, AILA, HISBA, and Houston Trial Lawyers Association. Sandra Gomez manages immigration law, civil litigation, and bankruptcy cases.

Attorney Sandra Gomez was born and raised in the state of Texas. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Houston after which, she pursued and received her Juris Doctor Degree, J.D from South Texas College of Law. She has been recognized by and is a member of the Texas Bar Association, she is also a member of AILA, HISBA, and Houston Trial Lawyers Association. Mrs. Gomez is admitted to practice in the United States District Court, Southern District of Texas.

"As others want to lose small, my law firm wants to big win. You always have a choice"
– Sandra Gomez

Of Counsel

Lorena Villalon

Of Counsel

Alex O Acosta

Experienced in immigration and bankruptcy law.

Associate Attorney

Susan Rolong

Experienced in Family law and Guardianship Law.

Although I grew up helping my father in his law office, my passion for the written word led to me to teaching before becoming a lawyer. I received my B.A in English from the University of Texas at Arlington before completing the Alternative Teaching Certification from Dallas ISD. I spent twelve years as an inner-city high school English teacher helping cultivate my students’ skills in utilizing the written word both creatively and persuasively. During this time, I was able to develop some unique skills that have helped me in law school and with clients.

One of my favorite skills I developed as a teacher is rapport building or as one professor described it “the gift of gab.” When I meet with clients, I able to create an environment that helps them feel comfortable, so they are able to share their story with me. As they share their story, I ask them poignant questions, just as I did with my students and peers, to get to the most key facts that will help us develop their case. From this, I can get a fuller understanding of the situation and have a better grasp of what my client’s individual needs are. Whether I am speaking with clients or others, my quick rapport building skills helps everyone feel more comfortable when talking with me as they share their story.

In addition to my gift of gab, my time in the classroom trained me to be detail oriented in my research, my writing, and my communication style. Words have meaning, so the words we choose are important. This is one of the most important things I tried to instill in my students. The whole meaning of a sentence can turn on a single word choice. That is why it does not matter whether I am analyzing the words used by clients, opposing parties, statutes, or case law, I am breaking down their word choice to see how to best serve clients and their cases.

The most important skill I developed as a teacher was empathy. How can you help someone if you cannot put yourself in their place. As a teacher, I used that skill to help my students when they were struggling to learn and to develop a plan to help them in achieving mastery of skills. I understood that it was not that I was better or smarter than my students when it came to the English language, but that I had spent more time studying and engaging with it. I use that same mind set with how I interact with my clients. My goal is that my clients walk away feeling confident that they understand the what, how, and why of the case because, as I told my students before, we are on the same team with the same goals.

After twelve years in the classroom, I decided to pursue my passion for the law. I received my J.D. from South Texas College of Law where I was able to gain experience in employment law and landlord/tenant law through internships and clinics. Through those experiences, I was able to further hone my communication skills in writing, research, client engagement, and litigation. Law school taught me what I needed to understand and analyze the legal aspects of my clients’ cases. Being a teacher taught me how to communicate effectively and efficiently so that I can better serve my clients with empathy and compassion.

Operations Manager

Yesenia Sepulveda

Serving Gomez Law, PLLC since 2017

Yesenia is a proud first born mexican-american born and raised Houstonian. Yesenia graduated from Houston Training Schools in 2012. She has been with Gomez Law PLLC since 2017, starting as an Administrative Assistant and through hard work and dedication, became the Operations Manager. During her time at Gomez Law PLLC, she found a passion in the real estate industry and civil law matters, she overseas the office administration and assist our counsel with civil law matters.

Nicole Castillo

Studies Political Science in the University of Houston

Nicole Castillo joined the Gomez Law team as a family paralegal. Graduated May 2022 from Lonestar College System and earned my associate's degree in paralegal studies and technical certificate in paralegal studies. Nicole is currently enrolled in the University of Houston to complete her bachelor's degree in political studies. She has a passion to keep learning and growing to help the community.
Legal Assistant

Stephanie Solorzano

Legal Assistant

Jocelyne Sanchez


Vanessa Padilla

Serving Gomez Law as the First Impressions Team Member

Vanessa Padilla comes from New York City to pursue her academic career in Houston. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Science in Arts. Vanessa has a background as a deposition/hearing coordinator. She is pursuing her Master's Degree and wishes to attend law school to become an attorney.
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