When preparing for a legal consultation regarding separation or divorce, it’s crucial to bring the necessary documents to your attorney. This ensures that your lawyer has all the information needed to provide the best legal advice and representation.

Confidentiality and Your Legal Rights

You need not worry about sharing confidential information with an attorney with whom you have a contract. Your information is protected by the American Bar Association (ABA), which has established the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. ABA rules prevent the attorney from sharing information disclosed during your consultation, including the initial free consultation.

Key Documents to Bring

  1. Legal Correspondence: Any documents you have received or prepared with your spouse, such as divorce petitions or ongoing divorce agreements.
  2. Financial Information: For a fair division of assets, your attorney needs to know the exact incomes, assets, expenses, and liabilities associated with the marriage. Bring documents related to:
    • Incomes: Bank statements and proofs of income from employment and investments, financial papers of any family business, recent pay stubs of both spouses and tax returns from the last three years.
    • Assets: Real estate, personal property, other investments, and retirement plans. Provide a list of assets where you or your spouse are listed as owners or co-owners.
    • Expenses: Documents showing regular expenditures like food, education, and child care.
    • Liabilities: Mortgages, loans, including student loans, residential mortgages, car loans, and personal loans.
  3. Prenuptial Agreements and Contracts: If you and your spouse have a prenuptial agreement or other relevant legal contracts, your attorney should review them as soon as possible, as they can significantly influence the divorce strategy.
  4. Documentation Related to Children: If you have children with your spouse, inform your attorney about your desired arrangements for their care and custody. Bring all relevant documents, such as medical records, college savings accounts, health and life insurance policies, and police reports showing negligence or abuse. If a guardian has been appointed for minor children, notify your attorney about this situation.

Consulting with Sandra Gomez

Divorce can be a challenging time, but working properly with an attorney and being transparent can alleviate much of the burden. For those considering or undergoing a separation or divorce, Sandra Gomez offers a free consultation to help guide you through the process.

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