By Mary Ann Faremouth,


Welcome to Career Can Do! Today Mary Ann Faremouth is talking to Vijay Pattisapu an employment attorney with his hand on the pulse of the world of work. They discuss how to navigate working from home, the return to work, and maintaining good working relationships with your colleagues and management.

Accountability, transparency, and communication are more important than ever now that people are working from home and things are more fluid. Vijay notes that by the time he sees people things have generally gone pretty far south, and so this chance to talk about preventative measures is welcome – and the best one is open communication about the reality of your own situation, especially when you’re working at home. Vijay says that getting things in writing is even better than having a discussion, and Mary Ann reminds us that if it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist!

Authenticity is a scarce and precious resource – Vijay and Mary Ann talk about the importance of being honest in your dealings with your company and with your employees – from how you’re spending your time when working at home, to how honest to be in interviews and on your resume. Honesty is always the best policy.

They wrap up their conversation with a discussion about the changes covid is making in workplaces – mandatory vaccinations, new legislation that may be providing new rights people should be aware of, and whether or not you really need to go back to the office. It’s a challenging area to navigate for both employees and the companies they work for!

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Honesty is the Best Policy