Estate Planning is rarely discussed as a process to follow or a matter to contemplate but it should not be among the taboo topics. Writing a will does not mean you are accepting the imminent realization that we do not want to see, passing away. On the contraire, it gives you the ability to prepare for the unexpected and it lets you save any trouble to you loved ones during unprecedented and difficult times.

What is a will? A will provides instructions for what happens after you die, everyone is highly recommended to make a will. A will can distribute your property to your loved ones and even name a person of no interest to the be executor of this will. Among these affairs are property, guardianship to your children, debt forgiveness, and the list truly is long if you do not anticipate this one document to be ready in time.

The benefits of making a will. The division of any estate after your death comes with many emotions, the slightest differences can result in hurt feelings and recriminations, so think about these benefits when you are thinking of making a will:

  • Reduce family conflict
  • Save time, money, and stress for your loved ones
  • Determine who will manage your estate
  • What happens with your real-estate properties
  • Decide who gets your assets and property and who does not
  • Choose who will take care of your minor children
  • Provide a home for your pets
  • Leave instructions for your digital assets
  • Support your favorite cause and leave a legacy
  • Provide funeral instructions
  • Avoid greater legal challenges for your loved ones

There are clearly more than 10 reasons to have a will, but it can be overwhelming to draft it. Get peace of mind with an estate planning attorney behind you to prepare your estate for the unexpected. Contact Gomez Law at (713) 980-9012 or visit SandraGomezLaw.com