For the more than 9 million legal permanent residents in the United States who are yet to apply for U.S. citizenship, an imminent cost increase for the application process is something to be aware of. According to the Office of Homeland Security Statistics, a significant fee hike is set to take effect on April 1, marking a rise of up to 19% for naturalization application fees. This adjustment will also affect those seeking to obtain a “green card,” which serves as the precursor to citizenship.

Historically, immigration-related fees have exhibited a consistent upward trend. Although the upcoming changes represent only a portion of the increases initially proposed by the previous administration—a proposal that was ultimately overturned by a federal judge—the pattern of escalating costs persists. Legal experts in immigration law advise that individuals considering naturalization act swiftly to submit their applications before the new fees come into effect.

Understanding the Fee Increase:

  • Current Costs: Presently, filing a paper application for naturalization (Form N-400) incurs a fee of $640, with an additional $85 for biometrics, totaling $725.
  • New Costs: Starting April 1, the combined fee for the application and biometrics will increase to $760.

These adjustments are part of a broader revision of immigration benefit costs, detailed in the Federal Register.

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Acting Now: Given the financial benefits of submitting applications before the fee increase, potential citizens are encouraged to act quickly. Preparing and filing an application for U.S. citizenship can be a detailed and time-sensitive process, requiring careful attention to documentation and deadlines.

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As the costs associated with U.S. citizenship are set to rise, ensuring you have the right legal support can make all the difference. Let Gomez Law, PLLC guide you through the process, helping you to achieve your American dream without undue financial strain.